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New Faculty Highlight: Ben Shofty MD, PhD

Dr. Shofty is a functional neurosurgeon specializing in deep brain stimulation and other methods of neuromodulation for treatment-resistant, functional disorders including psychiatric disorders like OCD and depression, cancer pain, epilepsy, and movement disorders

Dr. Shofty’s journey into neurosurgery was fueled by a deep-seated desire to offer hope and solutions to patients who have exhausted other treatment avenues. His passion lies in providing state-of-the-art care using cutting-edge technology. For Dr. Shofty, neurosurgery is more than a profession—it’s a vocation that allows him to deeply engage with the human 

Dr. Ben Shofty

brain and mind. He finds profound significance in his interactions with a vital organ so central to our existence and functionality.

Dr. Shofty values the institution’s commitment to academic freedom and its status as a state-owned entity, which aligns with his ethos of prioritizing patient care over corporate profit motives.