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Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship

Fellowship in functional neurosurgery

The Functional Neurosurgery fellow receives a broad exposure to and valuable experience with all aspects of functional and stereotactic neurosurgery procedures, including movement disorder, pain, and epilepsy surgeries.

Movement disorder surgery will include focused ultrasound, MRI-guided asleep DBS, awake DBS with microelectrode recording, and radiofrequency lesioning. Epilepsy surgery will include stereo-EEG, grid/strip placement, responsive neurostimulator placement, DBS, VNS, laser ablation, and resection. Pain procedures include microvascular decompressions, percutaneous rhizotomies, and radiosurgery lesioning.

The Functional Neurosurgery fellowship is a Committee on Advanced Subspecialty Training (CAST)–approved fellowship program.

SEEG Machine Functional Neurosurgery

Fellowship Information


Functional Fellowship Director

Currently Accepting Applications: We are currently accepting applications for the 2024–2025 functional neurosurgery fellowship position and will conduct interviews on a rolling basis until the position is filled. 

Application Process: Contact the Academic Program Manager, Joanne Kamahele (, 1-3 years in advance, with your CV and completed Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship Application.

Other Details:

  • Salary/Benefits:  Please see the UUH GME website for details
  • Accreditation: CAST approved
  • Program Length: 1 year
  • Location/Campus: University of Utah Hospital
  • Start of Program: July 1
  • Number of Fellows per Year: 1

Clinical Lectures & Didactics: The fellow will participate in the Neurology DBS and movement disorders clinic, Movement Disorders Conference, Comprehensive Epilepsy Surgery Conference, Ad hoc Intervention Psychiatry Conference, University of Utah Epilepsy Symposium, Functional Neurosurgery Journal Club, and Human Neuromodulation Lab meetings.

Contact Us

Academic Program Manager

Joanne Kamahele
Phone: 801-581-5584
Fax: 801-581-4385

Department of Neurosurgery

Phone: 801-581-6908
University of Utah Health Care
Clinical Neurosciences Center
175 North Medical Drive East
Salt Lake City, UT 84132



  • 2021-2022 Bornali Kundu, MD, PhD (Enfolded Fellow)