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Human Neuromodulation Lab (HuNeu Lab)

The Human Neuromodulation Lab (HuNeu Lab) is a neuroscience lab studying human brain electrophysiology and behavior in patients undergoing surgery for epilepsy and movement disorders. Specifically our main goal is to study basal-ganglia and thalamo-cortical dynamics during awake intraoperative surgeries and patients undergoing invasive monitoring for drug-refractory epilepsy. Our ultimate goal is to utilize electrographic signatures of disease to help improve brain modulation therapies. The HuNeu Lab also dedicates efforts towards innovation in functional neurosurgery to improve the care of patients undergoing surgery for movement disorders, epilepsy and pain (specifically trigeminal neuralgia). This includes prospective patient registries, leveraging mixed/virtual reality for patient education and surgical training and developing novel surgical tools.




Previous Projects