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Budohoski Lab

The Budohoski Lab focuses on characterizing the genomic and transcriptomic pathways driving cerebrovascular disease process and developing new treatment paradigms for patients with acute cerebrovascular pathology

Karol Budohoski, MD, PhD, FRCS(SN)

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Cheshier Lab

The Cheshier Lab focuses on enhanced immunotherapy treatment of malignant pediatric brain tumors and understanding the treatment’s molecular mechanism.

Samuel Cheshier, MD, PhD

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Dudek Lab

The Dudek Lab seeks to understand the mechanisms that underlie acute and chronic seizure generation, and develop new therapies for epilepsy.

Edward Dudek, PhD

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Huang Lab

The Huang Lab investigates the underlying mechanisms of glioma progression with the goal of identifying effective therapeutic targets.

Eric Huang, MD, PhD

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Human Neuromodulation Lab (HuNeu Lab)

The HuNeu Lab studies basal-ganglia and thalamo-cortical dynamics during awake intraoperative surgeries and patients undergoing invasive monitoring for drug-refractory epilepsy.

Shervin Rahimpour, MD

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Jensen Lab

The Jensen Lab is interested in both benign and malignant brain tumor angiogenesis, biology, and developing novel treatment and imaging modalities for these tumors.

Randy Jensen, MD, PhD

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Mahan Peripheral Nerve Lab

The Mahan Peripheral Nerve Lab seeks to produce the unique and severe clinical pathophysiology from stretch injuries, and further demonstrate recoverable functional outcomes.

Mark Mahan, MD

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Shofty Lab

Cognitive Neuromodulation

The Shofty Lab is investigating high-order cognition and network-dependent functions such as creativity and mind wandering, as well as novel interventions for OCD, depression, and PTSD. The lab is also interested in advanced imaging and visual biopsies.

Ben Shofty, MD, PhD

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